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IT Management and Cybersecurity

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Data Protection

Businesses and organizations of all sizes continue to struggle with data protection. Partly due to insufficient old-fashioned backup tools as well as constantly evolving and growing production resources. These mission critical systems demand better protection and more swift restorations. Because of this, at Cencompu International we offer innovative solutions that include the use of best practices for the secure backup of information, data recovery and business continuity as a top priority.

Web Development

We create applications and websites that reflect the true activity in an organization, we have a web solution for each business that aims to improve the user experience and increase profitability. Consumers use an increasing variety of platforms to access online services. We design websites and applications using the responsive, mobile-friendly web design approach that allows access from anywhere. We use modern and secure technologies for quick access to the website, which contributes to business growth.

Technical Support

We provide assistance and technical support to companies and system users to solve any problem with their computer equipment and the operation of programs such as: a system that has slowed down, network connection problems, servers, switches, routers, firewalls, equipment failure, updates, antivirus protection, backup systems, maintenance and administration of websites. Our technical support specialists can deal with most customer issues with our automated system for immediate attention remotely, however some issues need to be addressed on-site with a technician present.